General proof theory studies how proofs are structured, and not primarily what can be proved in particular formal systems. It has been developed within the framework of Gentzen-style proof theory, as well as in categorial proof theory.

As Dag Prawitz's monograph "Natural Deduction" (1965) paved the way for this development – he also proposed the term "General Proof Theory" – it is most appropriate to use this topic to celebrate 50 years of this work.

Invited speakers

  • Kosta Došen (University of Belgrade and SANU): Adjunction and Normalization in Categories of Logic
  • Per Martin-Löf (Stockholm University): The two interpretations of natural deduction: how do they fit together?
  • Luiz Carlos Pereira (PUC Rio de Janeiro): The Russell-Prawitz translation and schematic rules: a view from proof-theory
  • Dag Prawitz (Stockholm University): Gentzen's justification of inferences
  • Helmut Schwichtenberg (Universität München): Decorating natural deduction
  • Heinrich Wansing (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): A more general general proof theory

Contributing speakers

  • Miloš Adžić (University of Belgrade): Gödel on the absolute proof and the logic of concepts [unable to attend]
  • Federico Aschieri (Vienna University of Technology): On Classical Natural Deduction: Reduction Rules, Strong Normalization, Herbrand's Theorem
  • Roy Dyckhoff (University of St Andrews) & Sara Negri (University of Helsinki): Idempotent coherentisation for first-order logic
  • Nissim Francez (The Technion, Haifa): On distinguishing proof-theoretic consequence from derivability
  • Lew Gordeew & E. Hermann Haeusler: NP = PSPACE [unable to attend]
  • Norbert Gratzl (Universität München) & Eugenio Orlandelli (University of Bologna): Harmony, Logicality, and Double-line Rules
  • Giulio Guerrieri (Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7) & Alberto Naibo (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne): Postponement of RAA and Glivenko's theorem, revisited
  • Danko Ilik (Inria Saclay - Île de France): High-school sequent calculus and an intuitionistic formula hierarchy preserving identity of proofs
  • Reinhard Kahle (Universidade Nova de Lisboa): Is there a "Hilbert thesis"?
  • Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki (TU Darmstadt): New Applications of Proof Mining to Nonlinear Analysis
  • Clayton Peterson (Universität München): Monoidal logics: De Morgan negations and classical systems
  • Zoran Petrić (Mathematical Institute, SANU): The natural deduction normal form and coherence
  • Mario Piazza (University of Chieti-Pescara) & Gabriele Pulcini (State University of Campinas): On the maximality of classical logic


If you would like to attend the conference, then please send an email to Marine Gaudefroy-Bergmann by 31 October.


Organisers: Thomas Piecha and Peter Schroeder-Heister