The workshop takes place in Tübingen at Schloß Hohentübingen, Seminarraum 165 (located top left on the map below).

Participants will be hosted at the Hotel Hospiz (located top right on the map below).

How to reach Tübingen

By plane

  • Arriving at Stuttgart Airport: Bus number 828 leads in 40min - 1hour from the Airport to Tübingen "Hauptbahnhof" (located at the bottom of the map).
    You can already get off at the stop "Nonnenhaus" (the one after "Stadtgraben"), from where it is a 7min walk to the Hotel Hospiz. If you miss that stop, just get off at the next (and terminal) stop "Hauptbahnhof"; from there it is a 10min walk to the Hotel Hospiz.
    (On the bus you usually have to press a STOP-button to indicate to the driver that you want to get off at the next stop. So maybe it's better to ask the driver already when boarding to stop at "Tübingen, Nonnenhaus".)
    (Please note that Google misplaces the bus stops on its maps.)
  • Arriving at Frankfurt Airport: The terminal is reached by the Deutsche Bahn (query: Frankfurt(M) Flughafen).
  • Arriving at Munich Airport: The terminal is connected to the Deutsche Bahn (query: München Hbf) through local trains (S-bahn) leaving approx. every 10 minutes. Details can be found on the airport website.

By train

Tübingen is reached by the Deutsche Bahn (query: Tübingen Hbf).

From the train station it is a 12min walk to the Hotel Hospiz.

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